Carports for Brisbane

In Brisbane, carports need some serious thought and imagination!

Carport - Tarragindi

Question - When is a carport not just a carport?

Answer - Most of the time.

No, it's not a trick question. Most Brisbane houses are priced over $400,000. Yet the first visible sign of the house is often a horrible carport sitting out the front. Whether the owners realise it or not, that carport is making a very important statement.

Which is why we treat carports so seriously and have a track record over 33 years to prove it.

Carport - Wynnum

Although any structure can give some protection from sun, rain and hail, carports are about a lot more than weather protection.

It's like the front cover of a book; it's appearance creates an image of the house's desirability and value. It's "welcome home" as the first sight you see when you drive in after a hard days' work. It's the first thing that a buyer sees when he's looking for a new home. And it's the first sight that friends and guests see as they walk to the house.

In our view, apart from doing the job that it is supposed to, the carport should be attractive, match the house and reinforce the other values that the owners have.

Carports Brisbane - Indooroopilly

It's our view that carports should not be a tacked on afterthought. They should match the house and be attractive and inviting, and reinforce the owner's values.

Most importantly, the carport should be an asset, not a liability. We do whatever it takes to match the existing home. The style can be modern, classical, colonial, brick, timber etc. The options are endless - brick piers, timber posts, colorbond or tiled roof, gabled or non gabled, louvres, balusters, enclosed or open etc.

The Pergola Centre is one of few companies that provide these options. Most others have set designs and/or set materials. Although these may appear cheaper in the beginning, there is a much higher cost when it is realised that the carport does little to enhance the house and actually detracts from its value.

While driving around Brisbane, we see countless examples of attractive houses with carports dominating the landscape that don't match or do justice to the home. We are constantly asking ourselves "What were they thinking?"

The opposite of that was best put by one of our customers after she had lived with her new carport for a couple of months. She said, "Every time I drive in, I say to myself.... I am so glad that I live here!"

Carport - The Gap

The Pergola Centre goes the extra mile to design and build great looking carports which match the house. We have been doing it in and around Brisbane since 1979. To see more carports, "click" on each of the suburb names above and below.

To find out more how you can enjoy driving into your new carport, call us on 3266 4044.


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