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"It's got a big WOW factor... It just looks so different...

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I'd have to say that every day when we come out, we are still in awe of it."

House entrance before deck
House entrance before the new deck

For Kim and Debbie Henderson, it wasn't a question of "if", but of "when". For 26 years they had lived at Ocean View on the northern fringe of Brisbane and they had been talking about decks and extensions for years.

Front before new deck
Front before new deck

However knowing what to do and how to do it was not that easy. Debbie takes up the story.

"We both had different ideas. I wanted the existing deck extended to create a decent entertainment area and Kim wanted the front entry changed so that we had an attractive entry into the house.

Entrance with new deck
Entrance with new deck

We'd actually been to an architect and had started having some plans drawn up. We were still undecided about what we were going to do and we happened to go to the Home Show. We walked in and The Pergola Centre display was right in front of us. We walked straight over and said "Oh my Gosh. There it is. That's exactly what we want.

The architect was costing quite a lot of money and we didn't seem to be making much progress. After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, the decision seemed easy. We said, "We'll scrap this and just go straight with The Pergola Centre. So, everything was done from the plans to the building; everything was done by The Pergola Centre."

Kim said, "John from The Pergola Centre was terrific. We had the original idea and John put that to paper and we worked on that with him. There were several things that we certainly would have missed. He took our ideas and put them into reality, and improved upon them."

Deck from pool side
Deck from pool side

"John just had a way of talking to us and somehow he just knew exactly what we wanted. It was one of those moments when you go "Oh my gosh! That's it. That's what we want," said Debbie.

Asked about the finished project, Debbie was bubbling with pride, "We love it. Absolutely love it. We spend an awful amount of time on our verandah; it's where we spend most of the time with our family when we can. And this has just given us so much more space - a real entertainment area. The other part has given us a front entry. We felt that we didn't have a good entry to the house - so we are really thrilled with the job. In fact, I'd have to say that every day when we come out, we are still in awe of it."

Kim agreed. "Although we have been here for a long time, we had no idea the difference and the impact that this job could make. We're just enjoying it every day".

Talking about the workmanship, Debbie said, "Absolutely delighted. It's excellent."

Dining table on deck
Dining area on deck

And the design? "It's got a big WOW factor. Even showing people the photos, they sort of say WOW. It just looks so different. It modernises it. It fits in beautifully with the environment.

Questioned about concerns about the project, Debbie stated, "Probably our biggest concern was job over-run. You know, you take on a project and you start the project and then you often find that you have to add this, you have to add that and the costs get out of control. And that didn't occur in this situation".

For Kim, this was even more important. "We know with builders there's sometimes a tendency to start a project and then get distracted with other jobs and all sorts of other things causing delays to the project that we're concerned about. We'd like to say that didn't happen with The Pergola Centre. They started , they managed the project right through to completion. And they always let us know that we were their number one priority and I believe that we were."

"We would definitely recommend The Pergola Centre. The workmanship is excellent. The job is excellent. Dealing with The Pergola Centre was good, the communication was really good. The site manager was absolutely fantastic.

Ocean View deck looking out
Ocean View deck looking out

As Kim is a manager himself, he particularly appreciated this point. "That needs to be said. The site management was outstanding. John Dopson was fantastic. If we had any concern, or anything we wanted to discuss with him, he was always there. If we did have concerns, it would just be rectified. He would say, Right, we'll do it this way - I'll organise that this afternoon and it was done".

But Debbie had the last words. "In summary, it was a pleasure to deal with The Pergola Centre".

For The Pergola Centre, we understand and appreciate the opportunity not just to build a project, but to make a positive impact on people's lives. Although we have been doing this since 1979, we still get excited about our projects and the potential to make a difference to your house and lifestyle.

The new deck at Ocean View
The impressive new deck at Ocean View

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