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WHEN it came to adding a rear deck onto their inner northside home at Ascot, John and Cynthia Hickey were faced with a dilemma in trying to decide which builder to choose.

DECK totally changed the house

"Initially, we called three builders and then narrowed the list down to two. Although both companies had similar prices, we chose The Pergola Centre as we thought that their design was a little more exciting," said Cynthia.

"Although we were pleased with our original decision to choose The Pergola Centre, it was only as the deck unfolded that we realised what a great choice we had made.

"There was an amazing attention to detail. Even though we thought that their design had more potential than the others, the deck looks much better in real life than it did in the drawings. The finished deck is everything that we could ever have hoped for."

"Even now, we still stand down in the backyard looking back at the deck and cannot believe our good fortune. It doesn't look like it's added on, yet it has totally changed the house. And having the painting organised and done for us was a huge benefit," said Cynthia.

From the beginning, we recognised the potential of the project and the issues facing the Hickeys.

However, there is a fine line between telling a prospective customer what you can do for them, and raising their expectations to an unreasonable level. We constantly hear customers saying "We knew that it was going to be good, but we didn't know that it was going to be this good."

It's a terrific feeling of pride and pleasure to see these projects turn out the way that they do and to see people so delighted. Every member of our team has a keen focus on the best outcome for the project and the customer.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

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