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ALTHOUGH Marilyn and Michael Howard had substantially renovated their Ashgrove home, they still had problems with the deck.

It was built by the previous owner who was a master concreter. Although it was as solid as a rock, it was too small for the two of them, let alone when friends or family came.

When they called The Pergola Centre, their request was to modernize and enlarge the existing deck.

After considerable discussion between the customer and our consultant, there came a moment which can be so critical in any relationship. To tell them the truth or not?

The first part was easy. For what they were asking, it would need significant investment in the project. That was fairly obvious.

The second part was the potential cruncher. Although the existing deck was very well built and would never fall down, there was no way that it could be attractively integrated into the new structure. Although the deck could be enlarged to give them the space that they wanted, it would never look "right" and would always look like an "add on". In addition, it would reduce the value of their investment in the new deck.

At first Michael wasn't sure, but Marilyn had no doubt. "That deck was ugly. It had always been ugly and would always be ugly. Despite the additional cost of having to remove the existing deck and then rebuild what was already there, there was no choice. In the interests of the house, its charm, its value and their peace of mind - it had to go!"

Marilyn said, "We really appreciated his honesty and commitment to the project. We readily embraced this and the rest of his suggestions.

"Now that the project is completed, we are ecstatic. Friends who have known the house for years cannot believe the change. We have space. We have comfort. We have a house with character.

"It's more than being like a new house. It's now a great house!"

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

They can be contacted on 3266 4044.


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