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GRANT and Sue Collins wanted a deck at the back of their Chermside highset home on Brisbane's northside to enjoy their leisure time and to entertain friends.

ADDED VALUE: The deck has added thousands of dollars of value to the old Chermside home.

They wanted it to be attractive and not look like something that had been tacked on as an afterthought.

Somewhat to their surprise, this proved much more difficult than they had thought.

The couple contacted a number of builders who claimed to specialize in decks but felt that they lacked imagination or creative flair. When they contacted The Pergola Centre, things changed for the better.

"From my first phone call, it seemed as though we had walked into another world," Grant said.

"First of all, they listened to us. That was a refreshing change. Rather than ignore our ideas, they took them on board, analysed them and built on them.

"For example, we originally wanted a deck three meters wide. However, The Pergola Centre told us that it would really be too small to do what we wanted. Nobody else had mentioned that. After a lot of discussion, we enlarged it to five meters.

"Another example was the roof. Everyone else suggested a flat or sloping design but The Pergola Centre said that although a flat roof was cheaper, it would also be hotter, feel claustrophobic and not look as attractive as a gable style.

"I could give many more examples. But in a nutshell, what they did was to offer choices and make a case for each option.

"The way it was done, we always felt that we were in control as they addressed each of the issues and came up with alternative solutions for them.

"The end result looks great and is absolutely fantastic. It really speaks for itself.

"Now that it's up and we can see it for ourselves, we cannot believe some of the other options that were put forward to us and that we actually considered. We feel very lucky that we came across The Pergola Centre and they showed us how good the project could really be.

"Otherwise the result would only be a poor imitation of what we now have. We cannot be more appreciative", said Grant.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

If you are interested in improving your home, we can be contacted on 3266 4044.


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