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PETER and Kristine Carr of Hendra faced the dual problem of their house having no outdoor living area and being told by builders that they couldn't build one either.

DECK provided much needed outdoor living space.

When the Carrs saw an advertisement of ours, they contacted us and it wasn't long before they realised that a new deck and the benefits of outdoor living could be theirs.

Kristine remembered, "After our earlier disappointments, our ideas were very basic. However, when the man from The Pergola Centre came out, everything changed.

"He not only embraced our ideas, but showed us how they could be improved and incorporated into a design which not only gave us extra living space but updated and improved the look of our home. We loved the plan and couldn't wait to get going.

"Although there were some hiccups with council, when the tradesmen moved onsite everything moved into top gear. To see our ideas becoming a reality and being combined with a sharp attention to detail was an amazing and rewarding experience.

"The finished project looks fantastic and has dramatically exceeded our earlier expectations. Both in design and construction this has been one of the best projects we have ever done," Kristine said.

Our approach is to see the customer, their house and its surroundings as a "big picture" rather than just a job. Sometimes a more creative approach is required to combine the customer's needs with the limitations of the existing structure.

In most cases the customer's home is their biggest investment. With our 30 years of experience, we know the positive impact that a great project can have on their lifestyle and their investment.

You would think that we would know it all by now and that everything would be old hat. However you cannot measure the immense pleasure we get of seeing a great project come to fruition and the excited faces of house proud home owners and their new baby.

The Pergola Centre is a family operated business that has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

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