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How Individual and creative deck design can really make a difference!

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"Not only is it a fantastic deck .... we've now got this beautiful vista with the open doors .... but it's also transformed the living room!"

Individual and creative design can really make an amazing difference. This project graphically shows how opening up the house from the inside and looking out - can add a new dimension not seen before. And that can be just as valuable as the extra space, lifestyle and appearance from the outside.

Owner Julia Holland takes up the story.

"When I first saw this house, you couldn't help but notice the low alcove and closed up look at the back. You had to think that there was potential for a deck and opening up the house. However I had no real idea of what it would cost or how it should look.

"After consolidating my finances, I thought that it was time for the deck. I was really surprised and somewhat taken back by the cost and seriously considered a range of options including moving and doing nothing.

Margate inside before
Before the deck there was a low alcove and a closed up look at the back.

"After a few days of agonising over it, I decided that this house was my best option. So I bit the bullet and signed the contract to have the job done.

"I chose to go with John at The Pergola Centre as I really felt he understood the feel of this house, and that he really had the integrity of the house in mind and also he was very enthusiastic and passionate about the project

Margate outside before
How the back of the house appeared, before the deck was added.

"One of the alternate proposals was to totally remove the alcove, put bifold doors right across the living room wall with a metal, insulated roof over the deck. Initially, I really liked this proposal - especially so because it was cheaper.

"However, I agreed with John that the house has a definite charm and it was important to preserve that. The alcove seemed a perfect link between the past and the future. Our concern that the deck and its metal roof would have looked a tacked on afterthought and incompatible with the existing home was just too much.

"Well, the project s done. Not only is it a fantastic deck, but particularly the inside where the living room used to be quite dark with a sort of letterbox window - we've now got this beautiful open vista with the doors. So not only have I got a deck but it's also transformed the living room.

Margate inside after
The individual and creative deck design produced a great outcome for the inside.

"I think the thing I like most is that it all beautifully integrates with the existing house - both reflecting the age and era of the house a little bit but at the same time its got a contemporary feel. It's perfectly captured the right feel for the house and opened it up - made it lighter and just made it a beautiful place to live outdoors as well.

"Although I would have liked it to be cheaper, I can see that perhaps choosing a cheaper option wouldn't have created the same gorgeous result for the house.

"I could definitely recommend The Pergola Centre to anyone else who wanted a deck. I really, really appreciate their commitment and they really had the patience as well as the design vision to make it all work," said Julia.

Margate outside after
The outside of the house also looks spectacular with the new deck.

John Stewart, General Manager of The Pergola Centre said, "Although decks create extra space and lifestyle opportunities, the reality is that you spend more time inside the house looking out onto the deck than you spend on the deck.

"We see many projects that fail to understand this element and consequently do not reach their potential.

Margate deck inside
Looking out onto the deck designend and built for Julia at her Margate home.

"However when you get it right as this project has, it adds more than value to the home; it adds value to people's lives. It's inspired and it's inspiring!" said John.

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