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TO say that Tracey McGregor was delighted with the new deck that she and husband Tom commissioned would be an understatement.

SATISFACTION: The impressive new deck that delighted customers. Note how ordinary the home looked in the before shot.

"Stunning, super, fantastic, magnificent and brilliant" were some of the words she used to describe the project at their southside home in Springwood.

Initially, the couple had called two other companies but found them both disappointing.

"Although their prices seemed reasonable, we didn't feel totally comfortable. They seemed uncertain about how the deck would blend in with the existing home. This was important to us as we did not want the project to look like an afterthought."

Tracey said that when she called The Pergola Centre the difference was obvious from the first phone call.

"An appointment was made and the consultant turned up on time. He understood from the beginning what we wanted and he knew exactly how to go about it."

The beautiful new deck from inside.

"His range of photographs made it clear that they had done many projects similar to ours and had achieved some spectacular results," Tracey said.

"Although the price was a little higher, we felt that it would be well worth it if we could get the result that we were looking for.

"Everything happened exactly as we had been told it would. Yes, we were impressed.

"You cannot believe how reassuring it is to be able to go off to work each morning and not have to worry about what is happening at home," said Tracey

John Stewart, General Manager of family owned The Pergola Centre, said that it was a team effort. Everyone from the office, to the consultant, to the materials preparation in the factory and the on-site construction people took pride in every project and worked hard to create a result which could make customers like the McGregors very satisfied.

He said the key to achieving those results was a commitment to the project. That involves total honesty and about recognising the problems, discussing them and then solving them.

It's not good enough to say, "she'll be right mate". Because it won't be right unless you put in the effort to make it right.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

They can be contacted on 3266 4044.


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