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WAVELL Heights resident Joy Tomlinson, bought her home several years ago and has spent countless hours making it a comfortable place to live.

NEW LOOK with a new deck

"Like most houses, it has all those functional indoor rooms like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. But what the house was lacking was a genuine relaxation area; somewhere that I could just sit down in private with a cup of coffee and be cool while I tried to relax and unwind," said Joy.

While she had always envisioned an outside deck, dollars were not the only obstacles to Joy's plans. After waiting so long, Joy really wanted it to be "right".

"The other projects were small and do-able, and I always knew that this was going to be a lot more involved," she said.

After seeing what The Pergola Centre had done for someone else, Joy was sufficiently impressed to contact them. Their consultant immediately recognised and understood the problems and proposed practical, workable solutions to build a deck.

"He made it sound so easy that I couldn't work out why I had waited so long. Once on site, it all went like clockwork and it was obvious that they certainly knew their stuff. The project is now completed and I love it," she said.

Joy's problems were not unique. Like most houses, it's relatively comfortable inside. However today's pace of life sees people wanting to relax and get away from walls and constraints.

People want outdoors, but not the pressures of travel and traffic.

The answer is an outdoor area which becomes a home away from home. The Pergola Centre has a record of making those dreams a reality.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building decks in and around Brisbane since 1979.

They can be contacted on 3266 4044.


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