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Timber deck builder with outstanding record over 33 years!

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WHEN it comes to designing and constructing timber decks on Brisbane's northside and Brisbane's southside, one company has an outstanding record over 33 years. For Brisbane home owners serious about getting it right, you will appreciate our straight and direct yet diplomatic approach.

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Unashamedly, we focus on the project. The critical challenge is to get it right and integrate the new deck with your existing Brisbane home. After confirming your objectives, we work with the best aspects of your home and build on them with good design, quality materials and solid workmanship.

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We take great pride in the delight of our customers as we design and build decks that combine with the house to belong together. That approach builds great projects. It's not a tacked on afterthought and it creates enormous reward.

Great decks are not just places to relax and enjoy life. They are also opportunities to make solid investment returns. A well designed and built living and entertaining area will increase the value of your home by much more than its price. More importantly, it is personally rewarding as it becomes an enjoyable and integral part of family life.

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We understand that your home is important to you and means more than "just another project". It's about who you are and how you want to live. That's why our approach is so personal. The first stage is to listen to you. Then we add our knowledge bank to the project to identify and understand the problems and opportunities. From there, we propose attractive, functional and affordable solutions which work.

Although it sounds easy, it must be harder than it looks because we see a lot of other projects which could only be described as disappointing. To make the project a successful reality and realise its potential requires the skill, experience and commitment of someone who can get the design and construction right and bring it all together. While others may talk about it, our record since 1979 shows that we are different and we do deliver.

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Have a look on this site to see many examples of the difference great projects can make. Already, thousands of Brisbane families have benefitted from projects that we've completed since 1979. Why don't you join them?

When you're ready to get your project moving, call us on 3266 4044 or send us an e-mail, and we can arrange to discuss your needs and opportunities.


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