What makes us different

If you're thinking about pergolas, patios, decks, verandahs and carports, The Pergola Centre has one unique advantage that nobody else can offer. And that's over 30 years of doing the job.

Not only has The Pergola Centre completed over 6000 projects with experienced designers and tradesmen... but the knowledge we have gained over the years... we pass on to you.

We believe that what makes us "special" is that we see each project as being different and unique... just like you. We design each project to suit you and your home after careful consideration of your individual requirements.

Over the years, we have developed some very strong guidelines. For examples we have found that as part of good design, the new addition should blend with the original style of the home. In fact, our customers say... everything looks so natural after we've finished that it's hard to tell where we've been.

But that's not the only thing. After listening to what you say, we make recommendations on how to achieve what you expect from the project.

'we build on the aspects which really appeal to you. "

Although we consider tangible factors such as the size of the area, existing trees, natural light, heat, and ventilation, we also look at the intangible factors such as privacy and how people will move around the area. Most importantly, we build on the aspects which really appeal to you. We call it "The Natural Flow".

That's what makes our projects so different. They look good, and they work.