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For Brookfield couple Rhonda and Ken McLaughlin, the back of their home had problems. It was too hot, not enough space and looked "very average".

"Although the front and inside of the house looked great, the back had never received much attention", said Rhonda.

"Apart from looking very plain, the afternoon sun was so hot that not even the air conditioning could keep those rear facing rooms comfortable. And we had nowhere to sit outside or entertain others.

"We went to the Home Show and spoke to several building companies. Amongst those, we found that The Pergola Centre seemed more focused on the issues that we raised, rather than trying to sell us something. Their other projects also looked potentially more compatible with our house.

"We invited them to come out to the house. He recognized the issues that we had raised and designed solutions to solve the problem.

"According to him, the solutions were relatively easy as they comprised one area for entertaining and a walkway which created both access and weather protection. However the hardest part was designing the structures so that they matched into the existing house.

"We are delighted with the solutions, the project and The Pergola Centre", said Rhonda.

In this instance, the house had higher than normal ceilings which would have made the structure look quite tall. As well, the house was on a sloping block and the floor level of the house was above natural ground level at the rear. This reinforced the height and appearance of the structure as an issue.

This problem was solved in two ways. At the top level, balusters below the roof level visually lowered the structure without changing the real height. We also worked in with the pavier to raise the level of the paving floor level. These two solutions look so natural that you would never realize that there was an issue.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building patios, pergolas, decks and carports in and around Brisbane since 1979.

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