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In order to solve the problem, first define the problem. It may sound easy, but it is often much harder than that.

That was the problem facing Frank and Joanne Wearing at their Wamuran home.

They love their family and friends and enjoy nothing more than cooking, eating and relaxing outdoors with them. But no matter what they did, they always had that uncomfortable feeling that everything was not quite right.

Although they had an existing entertaining area which was partly roofed and partly open, it didn't seem to work or feel the way that it was supposed to. However it was really hard "to put a finger on it" and define the problem.

"Through a mutual friend, we knew of The Pergola Centre and their excellent reputation and we decided to put our trust in them," said Joanne.

"We were in business for many years and learned that one cannot be an expert in every field. At some stage, you have to make a judgement on the quality of people that you are dealing with. And once you're happy with that person or company, the best thing is to stand back and let them get on with it. There is little point in trying to second guess the experts when you don't know what to do yourself.

"The consultant from The Pergola Centre said that he it looked as though we already had enough room. However he felt that that the existing structures did nothing to create an attractive and relaxed atmosphere. He also felt that the existing structures forced people into cubby holes or corners and did not contribute to a free flowing or relaxed environment. They recommended roofing the entire area in a different, more integrated design.

"They did plans based on the ideas that we discussed. Everything made sense as it all sounded good and looked good. We felt that it was only natural after our previous experience that we had some reservations. However based on our earlier resolve, we confirmed our faith in them and gave the go ahead.

"As the project started to take shape, we could feel our concerns slipping away. The area started to take on a totally different look and feel. It has turned out exactly as they said it would. Everyone loves it", said Joanne.

In most projects, the customer wants to be heavily involved. However in this instance, once Frank and Joanne had given us the brief, they told us again how much they trusted us and told us to get on with it.

Although it did create a bit more pressure on us, we did as we always do. We diagnosed the problems and sought ways to overcome them. At the same time, we assessed the existing situation and looked for the houses' strong points to build on. And then we integrated the solutions into an attractive design which blends with the house.

In this instance, there were a few more design factors to consider. In a conventional suburban block where one is frequently squeezed between two houses, the visible aspects are more limited. Although this house is on acreage, most aspects of the house can be seen from the street. Consequently, one had to be aware of how everything looked from a variety of angles.

In most cases, if you spend enough time listening to the customer and looking at the house, the house will tell you what needs to be done. It's almost as if the house is saying "do this to me to make me look good". When that works it's called good design.

That's what we have always strived for since our commencement in 1979.

The Pergola Centre is a family run business that designs and builds patios, pergolas, decks and carports in and around Brisbane.

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