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Patios are a highly valued part of present day lifestyles in Brisbane.

Two of the major changes in lifestyles over the past 30 years have been outdoor living and outdoor entertaining at home.

It will always be a question of what came first - the chicken or the egg. However it is no co-incidence that at the same time we have seen a major upsurge in specialist outside areas used specifically for relaxing or entertaining. Today the outdoor living area is popularly known as a patio or a pergola. Whatever you like to call it, a patio is an outdoor room especially designed to make life more comfortable.

Brisbane patio builder, The Pergola Centre has been at the forefront of this living revolution since 1979.

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From the beginning, we brought to the market a three pronged unique concept. The first step is of individually, well designed timber structures which blend with the home and are both attractive and functional. This is backed up by an off site factory for materials preparation and quality control. And thirdly, a high quality construction team which is "in and out" of the home as fast as possible.

These methods were designed to give the customer the benefits of quality, specialty design, backed up by quality controlled production and construction at very competitive prices.

Although customer demands and design innovations have seen changes over the years, the concept has proven successful for both the company and its customers.

Whatever the shape, size and design of your home - whether it is colonial, brick, modern, granosite etc. - we can design an outdoor entertaining area which will be both functional and attractive. It will also look "right" because it "belongs".

A time poor community that wishes to relax and entertain outside irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions has demands more. Consequently, we have seen basically flat unroofed structures become bigger with lined, sloping or gabled roofs. Those structures are cooler, more attractive and look more compatible with each home.

We have also seen the market divide into two separate areas - steel and timber.

The increased market demand has seen the rise of companies such as Stratco and Freedom which produce more basic mass produced steel structures at a lower cost which satisfies the needs of many.

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While acknowledging the appeal of those structures, The Pergola Centre has aimed to become even better in our designs, production and construction to create a product which is of even greater appeal and value.

A number of our customers have told us that although they loved living in their entertaining areas, they were amazed when they came to sell the house how many people were attracted to it. They said that their unique patio entertaining area helped them make a quicker sale at a better price.

There is still a place for quality and imagination in our society.

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