Things you should know

Whatever you do, it's going to be with you for a long time. So it's especially important that you get it right... first time.

You could say that it's ironic... but people soon forget how fast you did a job... but they will always remember how well you did it.

It just doesn't pay to take short cuts on a good job. It's not enough to have good design, materials and workmanship.

"...people forget how fast you did a job... but they remember how well you did it."

It requires constant vigilance from beginning to end.

That's why each "Pergola Centre" project is designed and built to our strict engineers specifications. Our business philosophy is "Do It Right"... from the very first telephone call to the very last nail.

And to back that up, each project has a 6 year structural guarantee, as well as 12 months warranty on materials and labour.

For the extra value they add to your home, pergolas, patios, decks, verandahs and carports are fantastic investments if they are done well. And our reward for a project well done is to have done it.

At The Pergola Centre, our aim is very clear. Through good service, good design, quality materials and excellent workmanship, we want to give you the best value possible.