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Verandahs Brisbane - Carina

When the sun is beating down and the house is feeling more like a humidity filled conservatory than a relaxing bolt-hole from the world, you know you need to do something.

The answer is a verandah - or depending on which university you went to - a deck. Whatever you call it, the answer is the same.

It's a roofed structure (built as freestanding or attached) which opens up the house; creating a new area to relax and entertain as well as create shade to the house walls. It is also an avenue for cool breezes to meander in and out of the house, collecting the humidity and the cobwebs on its way.

Verandahs Brisbane - Clayfield 2

Through creative design, high quality timber materials and workmanship, The Pergola Centre has been opening up Brisbane houses and making a new, cooler lifestyle with verandahs and decks since 1979.

Verandahs Brisbane - Clayfield

In the pages ahead, you will see a variety of different projects and how imagination when combined with commitment and experience has resulted in some stunning alterations.

In almost every case, the objectives have been the same:

  • A need for more space to relax and entertain outside the house.
  • The verandah needed to be large enough to entertain the family and some friends in relative comfort.
  • The verandah needed to be private, away from the views of neighbours.
  • A bigger access (generally sliding, french or bi-fold doors) to the verandah would also create more light and breezes to the internal house rooms.
  • The verandah needed to match the house so that it didn't look like an "add on".
  • The project needed to be affordable so as to not break the budget.
  • The resulting project would increase the house value by more than the outlay.
Verandahs Brisbane - Holland Park
Verandahs Brisbane - Enoggera

The Pergola Centre has a long record of defining and focusing on the real issues. That generally means recognising the problems and then solving them.

For more information on how you can bring this experience to your next project and give your house its own transformation, call The Pergola Centre on 3266 4044.

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