The Pergola Centre

Since we started in 1979, The Pergola Centre has been at the forefront of the outdoor living and renovation revolution in south eastern Queensland.

We specialize in timber decks, verandahs, carports, patios and pergolas for home owners just like you. If you value the warmth and appearance of your home, you'll appreciate our experience and love our attention to detail. You could say that it's a family business doing family business.

From the beginning, our focus has always been on quality design, quality materials and quality workmanship. It's our aim to make your project look like it really belongs and is a natural extension of the house, not just an addition which appears as a tacked on afterthought.

We have a simple process which produces outstanding results. Through consultation with you, we work out exactly what improvement you are trying to achieve and what you want the new project to do. Together, we see where you are and where you want to go. Based on those observations and discussions, we use our experience to honestly and sincerely tell you what we believe that you should know to make the project a great success.

Your plan may mean more living space. It may mean opening up the existing house. It may be a new entertainment area. It may mean weather protection for the existing home. It could even be a carport to protect your valuable car.

But whatever it is, it needs to look as though it is a natural extension of the house. We focus on the existing building and its qualities, and look for opportunities to build on that with compatible design and materials, while keeping the ever present budget firmly in mind.

Take a look through the pages of our website, and see how we have helped many people like you to make more than a successful home improvement, but a profitable home investment. Thirty one years of experience, performance and proven dedication to the project, guarantee you a successful result.

Although we have built projects at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba, we mainly concentrate on Brisbane northside and Brisbane southside.


Phone The Pergola Centre now on (07) 3266 4044 or contact us by email so we can arrange a chat and find out how we can make your timber patio, pergola, deck, verandah or carport a successful and profitable project for you.