Carports - Indooroopilly

NEW FACE: The street view of this family home has been transformed with the addition of a carport

For Don and Kath Michael, their Indooroopilly home lacked one important feature - a carport.

"Although we were worried about weather and hail damage to the cars, we knew that if we had just any old carport we would have felt miserable every time that we drove in. Having spent a lot of money doing up the house, we were also concerned about what the carport would do to our property value", said Don.

"We saw an advertisement for The Pergola Centre and were sufficiently impressed to give them a call. Before that, we had already spent a lot of time driving around Indooroopilly and adjacent suburbs looking at what other people had done with their carports.

"When their man came, we popped him in the car and showed him one that we liked and thought would best suit the house. His immediate response was, "We can do better than that".

"After considerable discussion about what we thought and what he thought, he went away. He came back with a drawing which we absolutely loved. We agreed on a few little changes and things got under way.

"The carport is now finished and it looks terrific. We even get neighbours stopping by to compliment us on the project.

"Although the design is great, there were a number of the little things that impressed me in the execution of the project. For example, carefully working out the height of the carport so that it had the best integration with the house.

"The driveway as well. Although it wasn't part of their responsibility, they had considerable input with the concreter into the slope of the driveway so that the project had the right "look".

"The carport looks as though it has always been there. It's "win -win" all the way around," said Don.

While this carport was a little different from others, the basic principles remained the same - design the structure to suit the style of house and the individual customer.

What makes these projects work so well is when both the customer and the company have a shared objective and commitment to spend the time and effort to get it right.

Established in 1979, The Pergola Centre specialises in designing and building carports, decks and patios in and around Brisbane.

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