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IN HARMONY: The new carport blends with the pre-existing house

When Tarragindi couple Nathan and Julia Evans purchased their home, they knew it had limitations. However they also thought that the house had charm which would eventually shine through.

They expected the renovations to be fairly straight-forward as they would keep the good bits and replace the rest. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

"When it came to getting work done, it seemed as though we continually ran into brick walls" said Julia. "The job is too hard. The job is too small. Why not do it this way? The list seemed endless and so was the frustration that went with it.

"When it came to the carport, we had already been through some disappointments. Only when we came across The Pergola Centre did things change.

"Although we had not heard of them before, our first contact revealed a refreshingly different attitude and a high degree of co-operation and professionalism.

"They listened to our ideas and made positive recommendations on how they could be improved. This made the carport more attractive and more practical. Ultimately, that made the project a much better investment.

"After what we had been through, we were afraid to become too optimistic.

"Even after we had signed up, Nathan and I used to sit there at night telling each other not to get our hopes up too high. Although everything sounded really good, we didn't want to be let down again.

"We need not have bothered. Everything happened just as they said it would. We're totally rapt with the carport and what it has done to our house. We were also pleased with the service and all the people who worked on site: said Julia.

It's hard to understand the problems that the Godfrey's had. They had good ideas and were receptive to suggestions that they could see would benefit themselves.

It just took a little tweaking and attention to detail to turn those plans into making a great project a reality.

Good design is the best of both worlds. It marries the new structure to the best of the old. While it takes a certain skill and imagination to conceive the ideas, it takes an even greater commitment and attention to detail to carry it out. It might sound easy, but the evidence shows us that more fail than succeed.

The Pergola Centre has a reputation for delivering distinctive projects. They have been designing and building carports, decks and patios in and around Brisbane since 1979. For more information, phone 3266 4044.



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