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NEW LOOK: This home at Manly transformed by renovation, the result of innovative planning

For Bob and Sue Brown of Manly, the question of which builder to choose for their new carport had been partly answered.

"Close friends of ours recently had a new outdoor living patio designed and built by The Pergola Centre. Having known the house for years, we were absolutely amazed at the transformation" said Sue.

"The new patio was more than just extra space. It added style and a whole new dimension to the appearance of the home. Our friends were very pleased with the company, as well as their patio.

"It was all so impressive that we had to give them a chance at our place.

"At our first meeting we did not give them any instructions. We just said that we wanted a carport and that we also had a problem with heat from the western sun and asked what could they do?

"Their consultant seemed to grasp the situation immediately. He suggested that we do the project in bagged brick to match the house, and that we should add a fence in the same materials. By tying in the materials to the house, we could also use the same colours to unify the appearance.

"In addition, we could use louvres in the carport as well as the house. This would not only solve the heat issue, but create ventilation and a modern, unified appearance.

"They made it all sound so simple. And having already seen what they could do, we couldn't wait to get started.

"Everything happened just as they said it would. It's been a great project and a great experience. We love it" said Sue.

While this project was a little different to others, it still followed the principles of good design by taking the good features of the house and building on them

Two of the qualities that make The Pergola Centre unique are that we are both flexible and creative.

We design each project specifically to suit the individual home and solve its individual problems, as well as use high quality materials and workmanship which are compatible with the house.

This results in projects which look as though they really belong and have always been there.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building carports in and around Brisbane since 1979.

For more information, call 3266 4044.


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