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GOOD design meant matching the old with the new

A typical example of how a fairly ordinary-looking home can be transformed into a stunning executive residence is that of the Samios family of Carina.

The couple and their young family wanted to open up the family room so that they could create more light inside as well as add a new outdoor living area. As Mark was a contracts manager with the United Nations, he knew about building. His experience also meant that he knew how important it was to get the right company for the job.

The project had some problems. Apart from the house having low eaves and competing roof lines, three builders had already been rejected as their ideas were "less than inspiring". Things changed for the better when Mark spoke to The Pergola Centre.

Mark said, "After only a few minutes on the phone, I sensed a different approach. It was sufficiently encouraging to arrange an on-site meeting.

"That meeting continued in the same vein as the phone conversation. Within 10 minutes , we had arranged to cut off the existing eaves, add a new verandah and stairs, extend the original gable and install new French doors to open up the house and match the original design. It all sounded so easy.

"After what we had previously been through, we were entitled to be guarded. However we needn't have worried. Everything happened as they said it would and everything went like clockwork. The finished project speaks for itself and we're one very happy family," said Mark.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building all styles of outdoor structures including verandahs, decks, patios and carports in and around Brisbane since 1979. Whatever shape and size, two common denominators of all the projects are that they improve the comfort and liveability of the home as well as improve its appearance. This translates into real profit for the owner as it creates a more desirable and valuable home.

Two of the "secrets" behind The Pergola Centre's success are sticking with proven design principles and attention to detail. Good design is all about recognizing the strengths and character of the original home and building on them. However it's attention to detail and commitment to all aspects of the project which lift the results out of the ordinary.

When finished projects look balanced and integrated, they don't look "tacked on" or "an afterthought". This is why great projects look so "right".

As the old cooks used to say, "The proof is in the pudding".

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