Verandahs - Clayfield 2

VERANDAH totally changed the house

When Robert and Margot Callway wanted to enlarge their Clayfield home, they had the "benefit" of some strong family advice.

"Margot's father had a project designed and built by The Pergola Centre. He was extremely happy and frequently described it as the best project that he had ever done. Not only did he love the project, but he was very impressed with all the people and the organization. He was insistent that we should call them", said Robert.

"In fact, his comments were so good that I thought that no company could live up to its build up. I was well prepared for disappointment. However, to the company's credit they lived up to every aspect of their reputation.

"In the early stages, we had a number of meetings to refine the project. Our object was to get as much as we could for our money, without over capitalising the house. They were extremely helpful and considerate during this stage.

"Because of the zoning, we had a number of Council issues to be resolved. This took some time and we were kept fully informed of the progress during this period.

"When it came to construction, everything happened exactly as they said it would. They gave us a planned date for commencement and turned up right on schedule. The guys got on with the job and everything went like clockwork.

"For a project which had the potential to be very testing for all concerned, it became a pleasure. To be able to go work and not have to worry about what was happening at home was a huge relief. To come home every evening and see the project taking shape was quite exciting.

"The finished project is terrific and a credit to all who worked on it. The extension looks so natural that you would think that the house has always looked like that. Dad was right after all", said Robert.

There are several keys to a successful project. However one cannot over emphasise the importance of planning. That involves recognizing problems and devising solutions which solve the problem.

It sounds simple and probably seems like common sense. However that is not our experience. We have seen many situations where customers and tradesmen alike wish to ignore a problem and hope that it will go away. And sometimes for a little while it does. But is that the way to do a job properly? We don't think so.

The Pergola Centre has been solving problems, designing and building verandahs, decks, carports, pergolas and patios in and around Brisbane since 1979.

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