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VERANDAH gets new lease on life

"Unroofed verandahs are next to useless". It's a comment we regularly hear from homeowners with unroofed verandahs.

If you don't have a verandah, then you may see everything as an improvement. However, once you have lived with an unroofed verandah, it's not long before the shortcomings become very evident.

In summer, the sun is generally too hot to be outside. When it rains, it's not just the furniture that gets wet but so do you. You can't leave the doors leading onto the verandah open as the weather streams inside. And we won't even mention the deterioration of the verandah itself as the weather plays havoc with the materials.

This was a story only too familiar for Lyn Freshwater and Glenn Davies at their Clayfield home. "The verandah came with the house when we bought it. Although we loved the idea of outdoor living, it just wasn't practical. On the days that we were available, the weather was frequently unkind. In addition, the verandah had deteriorated to the stage where it was potentially unsafe", explained Lyn.

"We had considered renovations or extensions, but the cost was prohibitive. By coincidence, we saw an article about The Pergola Centre and impressive photos of what they had done for other people.

"Our immediate thought was that if they could do for us, what they had done for them, we would be happy.

"They designed and built the project. If you didn't know that it had been done recently, you never would have guessed. It looks as though it has always been part of the house.

"Apart from being able to use the verandah whenever we want to, we now leave the house door and windows constantly open. The house is cooler and feels as though it has a better relationship with its surroundings. It has been a great project. You cannot ask for more than that", said Lyn.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building verandahs, decks, carports, patios and pergola in and around Brisbane since 1979.

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