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TRANSFORMED: From the old to the new

Rob and Liz Gray of Enoggera were convinced that they had the worst house in the street. Although they didn't want it to stay like that, it wasn't easy to find an affordable solution.

Rob explained, "We were referred to an architect who is heavily involved in renovations. Although he came up with some interesting suggestions, the construction bill was going to exceed $200,000. For a variety of reasons, we didn't go with that.

"We reasoned that our most important need was for a deck. Apart from the living benefits, we thought that it would be affordable and not over-capitalise the house.

"Having made that decision, we went to the Home Show looking for ideas and possible candidates to do the construction. Although we saw a number of companies and their displays, one company stood out and that was The Pergola Centre. Their display was very professional and their range of photos showed that the changes they had made to other houses were simply amazing. We felt that if they could do for us what they had done for them, we would be totally rapt.

"When their man saw our house and we told him what we wanted, he immediately replied, "We can do much better than that".

"What he said was very logical and made sense. He wanted to add decks to both sides of the house's front, and integrate the roof lines of each with the existing house. Apart from creating new living areas, he said that it would dramatically change the look of the house whilst keeping with the existing character. Because the projects were being done together, it would also help keep costs down. It certainly sounded impressive.

"Now that the project is completed, the results are clear for everyone to see. We are delighted and proud with the difference to our house. Not only have we added space and value, but our house photograph does not look out of place with their other great projects" said Rob.

While the benefits of this project are very personal for the owners, the methods used were traditional. It's all about good design - taking the strengths of the existing home and building on them.

A company can't do that on its own. It needs home owners who recognize that it's not a case of "what it is, but of what it could be". When you combine those aspirations with intelligent design and a commitment to making the project work, the results can be spectacular.

The Pergola Centre has been designing and building verandahs, decks, carports and patios in and around Brisbane since 1979. They can be contacted on 3266 4044.


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